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Branding a Nonprofit Organization Essential Steps

Branding a Nonprofit Organization Essential Steps

By Carl Fisher | Mar 7, 2021

As with any other business, having a good branding strategy is an essential part of running a nonprofit organization. After all, you’ll need to generate visibility, awareness, stand out from other similar organizations, build trust within your audience and encourage the said audience to engage with you. With that said, in this article, we are […] Read More

Google Reviews

Why Google Reviews Are Your Business’s BFF

By Lexie | Nov 9, 2020

Getting the word out about your business requires a bit of internet savvy and an eye for new trends. If you haven’t considered Google Reviews as a way to pull in new customers, you may be missing out on clients, even on a local level. People are far more likely to trust the word of […] Read More

seasonal branding

How to Seasonal Brand the Right Way

By Lexie | Nov 2, 2020

Seasonal branding is a great way to take advantage of holidays and changing weather to market your company. Holidays drive a huge amount of traffic – and the bigger they are, the more customers you may get. Doing seasonal branding well, however, can be a little tricky. Without the right prep and approach, it can fall […] Read More

Corporate Branding Image

How to Design Graphics With Corporate Branding in Mind

By Lexie | May 11, 2020

Creating an identity for a brand is a creative and fun process. Think of each corporation as a blank canvas, and the images you associate with it drive how others see the business. Most graphic design projects happen for firms already established. There are still a lot of things you can do to enhance their […] Read More

Responsive Website Design

What is the Relevance of a Responsive Website Design?

By Joanna | Apr 16, 2020

Responsive web design, what is it really? Responsive designing means the approach that the designer makes in creating a web page that ‘responds’ or resizes itself, depending on what device is used. This either could be a laptop, desktop computer monitor or smartphones, and tablets. Web design and development that uses responsive elements has become […] Read More

7 Tips to Sell and Promote Products on Amazon

7 Tips to Sell and Promote Products on Amazon

By Gabe Nelson | Dec 16, 2019

When you are getting into selling on Amazon it can be a lucrative and competitive arena to be in. With more than 2 million sellers to compete with, not to mention Amazon themselves, it can be difficult to have your listings stand out among the crowd. There are many techniques out there that can help […] Read More

Ways to Build your Website from Scratch for Beginners

Ways to Build your Website from Scratch for Beginners

By Naman Modi | Dec 10, 2019

  How to Build your Bebsite from Scratch Having a website is pretty cool, right? Websites help us not only sell our products and services across the globe, but locally as well. I should know because I have a dozen of them. However, to run one, you must create one first. You don’t need to […] Read More

Why Hire a Copywriter for Your New Website?

Why Hire a Copywriter for Your New Website?

By C. A. Baker | Sep 15, 2019

Hiring a Copywriter Hiring a professional copywriter for your website means you’ll get expertly-written copy that tells your story and sells your brand while building your SEO, an important component of your overall marketing strategy. But many business owners think that because they write proficiently enough, they should be able to write their own website […] Read More