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By C. A. Baker | Nov 11, 2017

So you have seen a typeface in use on a poster in a magazine on a website and you want to know what’s the name of that typeface. Here are five useful tips to identify the font. PDF TRICK The PDF trick most professional font users notice, but not everyone who uses PDFs. If fonts […]

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morse for mayor case study

Morse for Mayor Case Study

By C. A. Baker | Sep 24, 2017

The committee to re elect Alex Morse came to me to redesign their website for the 2015 election. Their current website was recent but they wanted a change to WordPress. The new website needed to keep traditional colors of red, white, and blue. We made sure the donate button was prevalent. The site allowed the ability to […]

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What The Cast Of Stranger Things Looks Like In Real Life

By C. A. Baker | Aug 23, 2017

I’ve often wondered what actors look like in real life and even morse so what they will look like when they grow up. As this article show below these kids are having a great time. As Halloween 2017 fast approaches, so do the highly anticipated second season of Stranger Things, Matt and Ross Duffer’s addictive […]

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How to Create a Whiteboard Video for your Organization

By C. A. Baker | Jun 19, 2017

  What you need to Be Aware of? Are you a business owner, nonprofit, writer, or artist wondering how do I create a whiteboard video from my business to share my message with the world? Well, whiteboard animation videos are the best way and are created in two separate ways. Traditionally with a video camera […]

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Sales Funnels for Websites

By C. A. Baker | May 31, 2017

Sales Funnels for Growth There is an entirely new world available for growing your margins if only you have the skills and the tools required to maximize on the visitors who check out your site. Enter the sales funnel. Also called a purchase funnel, it is a visual representation of a user’s journey to becoming […]

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Asheville Repair

Northern CT Finish Carpenters and Millwork Shops Website Design

By C. A. Baker | Feb 27, 2017

Northern CT has a lot of possibility for Finish Carpentry and Millwork Shops to make a good living if they presented themselves better online. More and more, small businesses that specialize in Finish Carpentry trade need to embrace the power of internet marketing to attract revenue, or face going out of business. While specialists such as […]

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Facebook Posts

Your Business Should Do Five Things On Facebook Now

By C. A. Baker | Jan 31, 2017

1.  Add a Facebook ‘Like Box’ to Your Website An effective way to drive traffic to your Facebook Page is to promote it on your own website. A ‘Like Box’ makes it extremely easy for your visitors to ‘LIKE’ your page without ever having to leave your website. 2.   Add a Hyperlink In Your Facebook […]

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search-engine-optimization northampton

SEO for WordPress Video

By C. A. Baker | Oct 6, 2016

Right we are now recording so we can get started I’m going to just jump right into things here and start explaining what I’m gonna show you in the beginning and go through the work here. So when I started doing websites I knew nothing about SEO and nothing about best practices… Related articles across […]

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search-engine-optimization northampton

Search Engine OPTIMIZATION in Western MA

By C. A. Baker | Sep 27, 2016

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the ranking of your web pages on search engines’ organic or unpaid search results pages (such as on Google, Yahoo and Bing) for search queries related to your business, brand, product or service. With Google as the leading search engine at 66% of market share, effective search […]

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