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How to Use Your Logo to Boost Your Brand

How Much Does it Really Cost?

By C. A. Baker | Jun 24, 2016

“How much will it cost to get a website up and running?” A common and reasonable question. The answer most people get is that “It depends”. And this is correct, but a general rule of thumb would be useful, right? One thing you can be sure of – the bigger, the more complex and the […]

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Mobile sites vs apps: Which one do I need for my Business

By C. A. Baker | Jul 30, 2015

By 2016, mobile internet is set to overtake fixed internet access. Or more Android devices are activated each day than babies born. We have been hearing that for a while now. Well its TRUE. For all the business owners that say why do I need a mobile site or app. “I don’t go into stores […]

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How to Use Your Logo to Boost Your Brand

Google’s Recent Pigeon Update

By C. A. Baker | Aug 15, 2014

Google Pigeon Update As you may know, Google has had a major algorithm update for local search and some of you may have seen huge changes in your rankings. We are not going into the details of the Pigeon update because there is plenty of information on the web already. Here are some recommendations on how to […]

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