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Most businesses do not know if their website is maximizing their traffic in search results. Some websites were built with a complete disregard for SEO and are achieving a very small percentage of Google search, if any.

We help companies develop an SEO culture and a plan surrounding the importance of Search Engine Optimization.

We examine current SEO best practices to increase brand awareness, local web visibility, web traffic, organic rankings, and domain authority. We show how SEO works, why some pages rank highly, and what to do to move the needle of others.

Our clients are businesses large and small, start-ups, and non-profit organizations and we help with both training and hands-on expertise in content strategies, link-building, on-page optimization, and white hat best practices to improve search engine organic rankings.

Here is a list of what this article will cover:

  • Advanced SEO Assessment
  • Search Engine Optimization | On-Page Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization | Local "Map Pack" Results
  • Search Engine Optimization | Content Marketing
  • Local Online Advertising in your target markets (SEM)
  • SEO and SEM Training Workshop
Advanced SEO Assessment

The SEO assessment is always the first step in order to understand what's working and what can be improved in order to maximize your visibility in search. The assessment analyzes all SEO components including a look at your domain authority and how it compares to your top-ranked competition, ranking analysis, current keyword usage, and research of keywords used in your business niche. The assessment also assesses Local SEO, current on-page optimization, and any technical errors that are preventing the search engines from fully understanding your content. Results will be submitted to you with a complete summary of the things needed to be done to fully maximize the site’s visibility in the search results.

Search Engine Optimization | On-Page Optimization

This service optimizes the pages of your website to improve your local and regional visibility in
"organic" search results on the most popular keywords used to find your services. When you've made it to the first page of those rankings, this optimization will also help you "Win-the-Click" from the choices presented. This service includes keyword research, behind the scenes meta tag optimizing, and a competitive ranking analysis to select the right level of keywords to be used in your content. (WordPress only)

Search Engine Optimization | Local "Map Pack" Results

Gain a high listing in these results when someone in the surrounding area of your brick and
mortar location searches for one of your business service categories. We will place your company "citation" in additional directories to gain higher visibility and local rankings. We will also set up a system that requests customer reviews that also impact local rankings and improved business.

Search Engine Optimization | Content Marketing

In a competitive environment, like HVAC, even websites with perfect On-Page Optimizations using all the right keywords and best-practices can rank well below the top rankings. It's not uncommon for a perfectly good company not to make it into even the top 20 or 30 which, of course, is a listing that is seldomly seen. Why is the competitor with the number one ranking in the number one spot? That company has earned the ranking due to its excellent and ongoing implementation of Content Marketing. The best example of Content Marketing is a press release, or article, that finds its way into another website's content because it is valuable to the readers of that website. The press release or article contains a link that points back to the company's website. It is the cumulative amount of these links that determine the ranking order among competitors.

Google's ranking algorithm sees these links as votes of confidence and the company with the most usually holds the number one spot. The good news is that all of these links are openly available to the public. Any company can see the links of any of its competitors. They can then see the content that contains the link and contact the site with their content requesting a posting. No doubt, this is the most difficult aspect of SEO. But it usually doesn't take hundreds of new links to move the needle. In industries where the competition is less technically savvy, a few links can make a big difference.

We provide the research and ideas for your content marketing strategy and once the content is created, "shop" it to relevant websites. The goal of this program is to achieve one new link a month. Note: If your company's website is currently very low in the rankings, there are other ways to get to the first page. One is to do some Local Online Advertising. The other is to choose less ideal, yet relevant, keywords that the competitors are not using. For example, "home HVAC maintenance" has a low volume of searches each month compared to "HVAC" or "AC Repair." Using this term rather than the high-volume keywords will gain some traffic versus no traffic. Consultation only.

Local Online Advertising in your target markets (SEM)

We create and manage textual pay-per-click (PPC) ads in Google, Bing, and Facebook. We set up the ads to show themselves when a relevant keyword is searched for in your target market. A target market can be one or more cities, states, or zip codes. The ads can also show themselves on all or some devices such as desktops or mobile devices. The ad spend is up to you and can be set as a daily maximum as low as $5. You only pay when someone clicks on the ad. The cost of the "click" is determined by several factors, the most important of which is the competitive level of the keyword. "HVAC," for example, is about $13.00 per click. "Home HVAC Maintenance" is about $4.50 per click. (Ongoing A/B testing, ROI tracking, keyword selection, budget changes, etc.)

SEO and SEM Training Workshop

A 2-3 hour workshop at your location that examines current SEO best practices to increase brand awareness, local web visibility, web traffic, organic rankings, and domain authority. Understand how SEO works, why some pages rank highly, and what to do to move the needle.

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