Websites for Artists, Authors, Musicians, Potters, Designers

When you are in the art world you need to show your craft to get exposure, gigs and sales.
We love working with artists that value good design!

"I would love to share what a great experience I had working with Carey Baker on my artist website. Carey did such a great job not only in understanding what my vision for the website was, but also in teaching me how to work with the program so that I could make changes and additions as I need to. He was generous with his time and is an excellent teacher. I feel so pleased with the outcome and with my ability to access the site myself. I would highly recommend Carey and his user-friendly approach to anyone looking to set up a website."

—local artist

Design / Branding Examples

Lucy Fagella Pottery

Lucy Fagella is an amazing potter. Not only has she been a potter since forever, she also has time to teach class on pottery. Her classes are usually sold out in advance so don't wait. Lucy came to us to update her web-presence and she knew exactly what she wanted. We helped Lucy get her videos online for a digital download too. We made the logo too!

The Franny O Show.

The FrannyO Show play original songs crafted by FrannyO as well as popular covers. FrannyO’s music is heavily influenced by rock, folk, rhythm blues, Americana and country genres. They came to us because they wanted a modern website that reflected the changing of how the band worked. Primarily the show features Fran O’Connell, singer and guitarist, with other local and national musicians to round out the venue. We made the logo too!

Carol Duke Flowers

Carol Duke Flowers is not only a nature photographer but also a wedding florist and a Bed & Breakfast. We worked very closely with Carol to get her site just right. In fact she had just as much artistic input as we did. If you are looking for a beautiful view in Western MA in the spring and summer don't hesitate to book some time there.

The Soul Sensations

The Soul Sensations are a New England R&B Band and Motown Dance Band that play can’t-sit-still classic to contemporary R&B, Soul, Funk, and Rock Dance Music. They came to us because we like music. We work together to bring them up to date to increase their wedding gigs.

Lisa Verploegh Design

We help Lisa Verploegh create a simple website for her designs. Her work evolved from a photographic and interdisciplinary project of the geologic world.Many  of the geology images, can be found linked  to ACOMMONGEOLOGY.COM, with a full description of the rock as well as geologic age and provenance.

F.M.C. Watercolors

We trained FMC Watercolors to create their site themselves. We made the framework and did training over a few months so they could work on their website. We added a few galleries to show them how to do it and they finished the rest.

Cycle Pottery

We partnered with Cycle Pottery to help a student work on their site in exchange for the student to barter classes. We created the shell and trained the student how to finish.

L.G. Talbot

We worked with LGT on her website after a few meetings. She had many images she wanted to get on the site and she wanted them to look nice. After many options on how to display her images, we decided on what you see now on the site.

Swirls in the Negative Space

We helped SNS get their book online for potential publishers to review and reply. We added a blog so they could create dialog with the world.

Adrianna Books

Adrianna Books needed a new modern site to sell their books. They are a self publisher and needed the books in multiple formats for download. We help convert to ePub and made them for sale using a digital download.

Eve Christoph

Eve wanted a new site to showcase her talents. Eve is an artist of many talents. We helped her focus on one to further her career. We know her site will change over time and now she has the tools to fly!